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US Senate 2004 Candidate Survey Questions Pete Coors Bob Schaffer
1. Do you believe the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution affirms every individual’s right to keep and bear arms and that the Colorado Constitution reaffirms that right? Please circle: Yes or No YES YES
2. Do you support Project Safe Neighborhood and the aggressive punishment of violations of all existing gun laws, including even those for non-violent crimes? Please circle: Yes or No COORS: Need to know more about Project Safe Neighborhood. Support aggressive punishment of gun laws.

SCHAFFER: See comment below.

3. Do you support laws that take away the rights of 18-20 year old law-abiding adult citizens to buy or possess a firearm? Please circle: Yes or No NO NO
4. Article IV of the US Constitution says that "Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and Judicial Proceedings of every other State". Would you support a federal law that requires all states to honor concealed carry permits issued by other states? Please circle: Yes or No NO

State’s Rights Issue

5. In Vermont and Alaska law-abiding citizens have a legal right to carry concealed firearms without the requirement of obtaining a permit to do so. Would you support a similar concealed carry law at the federal level? Please circle: Yes or No NO

State’s Rights Issue

NO  (Changed to "Yes" on revised survey)
6. Federal studies have shown that concealed carry permit holders are more law abiding, as a group, than even law enforcement personnel, as a group. Do you support prohibiting law abiding concealed carry permit holders from carrying concealed within public schools? Please circle: Yes or No State’s Rights Issue / Local Issue  
7. The US Constitution states that "no ex post Facto Law shall be passed". The Lautenberg Amendment makes it illegal for anyone who has ever been convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor to possess a gun. This law removes rights from people who were convicted decades prior to the passage of the Lautenberg Amendment and has caused many military and law enforcement personnel to lose their jobs. Would you support the repeal of the Lautenberg’s ex post facto clause? Please circle: Yes or No YES  
8. The Clinton Assault Weapon Ban (AWB) will sunset in September of 2004. This law prohibits certain weapons defined by specific characteristics or manufacturer and model name. The law also forbids the manufacture of magazines with a capacity higher than ten rounds for non-police and non-military use.

8A. Do you believe the AWB should be extended beyond September of 2004? Please circle: Yes or No

8B. Do you believe the AWB should be expanded to include additional firearms or any sort of registration or purchase limitations? Please circle: Yes or No





9. Will you oppose the creation or maintenance of any database of firearms purchasers or any database that in any way mingles information about lawful firearm purchasers with that of criminals or suspects? Please circle: Yes or No YES YES
10. What is your favorite firearm?

COORS: 12 gauge Parker

SCHAFFER: The U.S. Army’s M16A2 5.56 mm rifle being used in Iraq to fight for the freedom of Iraq’s citizens. The M16A2 is lightweight, air-cooled, gas-operated magazine fed, shoulder or hip fired and designed for automatic 3-round bursts or single shot.

11. Despite millions of dollars spent on the federal Brady and redundant Colorado background checks there is no evidence that either program has stopped a single criminal from acquiring a gun. Will you support the repeal of the federal Brady background checks? Please circle: Yes or No YES  
12. Do you believe gun owners should be required to register their firearms? Please circle: Yes or No NO Should be voluntary. NO
13. Do you believe there should be a limit on the number of firearms any one individual may purchase in any specific time period? Please circle: Yes or No NO NO
14. Will you propose legislation to repeal some of the existing gun control laws? Please circle: Yes or No If yes, please elaborate. Would solicit advice on what should be repealed. YES Repeal the Washington, D.C. gun ban.
COORS: I am a life long member of the NRA, an avid hunter and strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I am also a strong supporter of State’s Rights and am leery of Federal Solutions to the 2nd Amendment.

Project Safe Neighborhood (PSN) - This project was born out of Project Exile, and while it was initially a good idea, local government agencies in areas that have high percentages of anti-gun law enforcement agents have misused this project to promote their anti-second amendment agendas. For instance, in the city of LA, a man who was making holsters for handguns was prosecuted under PSN because the city has a law that bans manufacturing items that aid in the concealment of firearms. So while PSN has good intentions, it is an easily corruptible project.

Statement on Bob Schaffer’s commitment to protect and fight for our Second Amendment rights: As a resident of the beautiful state of Colorado, I support hunting, fishing and shooting sports, but the Second Amendment is not about sports and recreation. I believe the fundamental reason for the Second Amendment is to empower the people and give them the greatest measure of authority. While serving in the Colorado State Legislature and the U.S. Congress, I consistently fought any attempts to weaken the Second Amendment. You have y word I will continue the fight for freedom when I am elected to the U.S. Senate. In no uncertain terms will I ever support any legislation that infringes on the rights of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. I will only vote in a way that expands and reclaims the rights of any law-abiding American citizen.



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